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Ray-Ban sunglasses has been produced high popularity,cheap ray ban sunglasses the brand launched Wayfarer series continues this season with colorful patterns based play, in net color frame to add printed or plaid pattern, in the ordinary elements added some vigor . Surf's Up which a style more prints combine with the wood, in stark contrast,ray ban sunglasses outlet very eye-catching, people feel energetic summer!

The advent of the warm season can always open the way people listen to music in a good mood.ray ban sunglasses wayfarer Recently, sunglasses and optical eyewear Ray-Ban Ray-Ban in Shanghai launched the "2013 Music Caravan - Le dynamic whole" national tour premiere event, but also specifically recruited Chinese rock music stars sing the letter scene to help out. The series of activities in the form of music tour,cheap ray ban wayfarer the line will be over 14 cities nationwide, Chinese music together three places including Nian Dong Cao Xuan Bin, dozens of strength to sing, showing colorful music scene, with many fans from the music sharing carnival.

Eyewear industry leader, Ray-Ban's most iconic in a limited edition (Global Limited 7500) original, unique folding glasses: RAY-BAN AVIATOR FOLDING ULTRA - 22 carat,cheap ray ban aviators color is gold colored and white gold, its 75th anniversary draw a perfect full stop.

RAY-BAN AVIATOR FOLDING ULTRA Aviator is a new member of the family, and with the Ray-Ban Ambermatic 2012 Limited Edition (released on March capsule series, first introduced with the light and color can be temperature change shades of amber lenses) a celebration "Legend" and Never Hide 75th anniversary of the birth of the spirit.ray ban sale

In order to protect the U.S. Air Force pilots flying at high altitude from glare interference, Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses came into being in 1937, which opened a unique teardrop-shaped appearance - this basic and innovative design legend. Glasses which was originally named as Anti-Glare (anti-glare), which was later renamed Rayban, in order to emphasize this new style resist (Ban) Sunshine (Ray) is efficient. Glimpse of the quasi-bound to appeal to popular taste glasses section, the company in 1937 will be the official name: Ray-Ban Aviator.

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Product launch incurs regarded as a classic and enduring, as Ray-Ban signature style. 75 years, Ray-Ban Aviator became reinterpreted generations of eager self-styled people's dream of the election,ray ban online they are constantly walking in the forefront of fashion from the influx of people who draw inspiration.

This new style is an example of superior design and style, followed the brand's gene technology, and continues its timeless legend. With the launch of P3 Plus lenses, Ray-Ban confirms its quality, material selection and technical research advantage.

Polarizing filter, color enhancement, anti-reflective coating and waterproofing systems, these extraordinary features exquisite blend for each lens gives superior performance. Ray-Ban's most tradition that polarized lenses made ​​of high quality crystal made ​​to ensure that the color is more vivid, high-definition, in any light conditions can present the perfect visual effect. Color enhancement process to make colors exceptionally clear and bright. Anti-reflective coating can reduce the ratio of light incident on the eye, to ensure comfort and clear image. In addition, P3 Plus lenses innovative waterproofing system along the surface of the water droplets can be easily shed, and to ensure clearer than usual wear glasses, lenses more protective.


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